“I will fight to follow.”

I view my life as just a vapor, just a split second in the span of all
eternity.  Yet, in that vapor, I have a choice:  to fight or to follow.  The decision to fight will not make my life useless, but devoid of purpose.  Comfortable.  Futile.  And the decision to follow?  This renders the complete opposite results.  Following CHRIST is a paradox- losing your entire life, and finding it in the process.  It is in this contradiction, as well as the entire paradox of the Gospel, that we find our purpose, the “meaning of
life”, as people like to call it.  As of the summer before my senior year of high school, I have made my choice.  Summed up in a song by Hillsong, I have decided that, “I will fight to follow.”  There is so much more to life than school.  Than sports.  Than partying.  Than most of what our society deems as “normal”.  I don’t want to waste my life;  I don’t want this vapor to pass insignificantly.  That’s why I have chosen to follow, and here I am at the feet of the cross, amazed at what HE has laid out before me.  Pouring out
my gratitude for salvation, so that I may be filled up once again.  I pray that each and every person experiences this same freeing servitude, this unrelenting passion.  I pray that the entire world would experience and KNOW HIM face-to-face, the CREATOR of the entire universe- YAHWEH.